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About DMS

DMS Company uses a peculiar strategy with four pillars

For more than 50 years, we competed aggressively in the software market and won't draw back from being a global company known for its discreet services and products. Thanks to our client's trust, it helped our company to spread in the Arab Nations. We are moving to leave our mark in the European countries. 

About The Company

  • In 1983, DMS Company was constructed. We aspire to change the information technology's track in the area. We are the first to design and produce software systems in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • DMS Company is the first Egyptian company that got the evaluation to obtain the CMMI certificate – fourth level by Software Engineering Institution (SEI)
  • Credits go to the company's team because we successfully delivered over 500 thousand governmental projects using the latest programming techniques to achieve Egypt's Vision 2030.

Our mission

commitment to support clients with high-quality and user-friendly software solutions that develop software solutions that automate manual tasks, streamline workflows, and optimize resource allocation to help businesses operate more effectively and achieve higher levels of productivity to be a partner of choice in our focused area of expertise by providing innovative, faster, more reliable, and profitable solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

to become a leading software company that transforms industries and empowers businesses globally. We envision a future in which our software solutions drive digital transformation, and we strive to produce ground-breaking software products that change the way businesses operate. We aspire to be known for our innovative ideas, exceptional customer service, and constant commitment to quality.