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Proudly, DMS is the only company that globally marketed its software. DMS is a 100% Egyptian company. We are the only first in the Middle East who nailed integrated management solutions regarding all pioneering domains. Moreover, we are the first Egyptian company that got the evaluation of CMMI – fourth level from SEI.

DMS has Banks Management Information (BMIS), Insurance Management System (IMIS), Industrial Data Management Systems (IDMS), and two other solutions covering the health sector: Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) and Clinics Management Information System (CMIS). 

When constructing DMS we aimed to achieve marketing forefront and this resulted in 8 branches in the Arab region, 18 cooperation in the Middle East and Africa, and collaboration with the most well-known communication and information technology companies. 

Her Excellency Prof. Dr. Hala Zayed,  the former Minister of Health and Population, honored our company's fruitful accomplishments because of the progress we made in the healthcare sector by supporting citizens, doctors, and employees with flexible and reliable healthcare software solutions.